RightNow Media

Enjoy your free RightNow Media account!

We believe that personal and community discipleship is extremely important in order to grow in our faith. As a church, we want to do what we can to encourage growth as a church family!
One effort we have made is to provide everyone in our church with a subscription to RightNow Media. What is RightNow Media? Think Netflix for Bible Study. You will have your very own account and access to the full library of Christian-based content. You can sign into your account from any computer, smart phone, tablet, or tv streaming device such as AppleTV, Roku, Firetv, etc.
Not only that, but get this… You can invite any of your friends to join for free through our GLPC link! You can also start your own community group study from your home, and even set up virtual watch groups for those who can’t make it in-person.

Want wholesome Christian-based shows for your kids or grandkids? RightNow Media has a huge collection of content for kids!