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Office Administrator Job Posting

GLPC is seeking someone for our part-time Office Administrator position.

We are looking for someone with knowledge and training in financial bookkeeping (Quickbooks is essential) and to oversee regular office tasks. An outlined description of responsibilities is provided below. This is a somewhat flexible 20 hrs/week in-office position. The office hours must be within normal business hours, but there is flexibility on the exact days and times that make up the 20 hrs/week.

Compensation for the responsibilities below performed in a 20 hours per week:

                     20 hrs per week  X  $18 per hour  =  $360 per week

Resumés may be emailed to

GLPC Office Administrator Responsibilities


General Office

  1. Open Office by scheduled time (somewhat flexible)

  2. Supervise office volunteers for reception desk and assorted tasks

  3. Receive, process and distribute incoming mail

  4. Order and maintain basic office supplies and maintain organization of workroom

  5. Monitor office equipment for required maintenance and support

  6. Maintain filing system for contracts, vendors, member records, etc.

  7. Maintain accurate records of all passwords and door codes in use

  8. Coordinate with pastors to maintain church calendar for regular and occasional events in building and on property of church

  9. Monitor janitorial services including for special seasons and events.

  10. Attend staff weekly meetings

  11. Report to Head of Staff


  1. Maintain payroll records for staff and contract employees

  2. Provide semi-monthly payroll information to Paychex

  3. Process new employee forms 

  4. Provide bookkeeping tasks for the church using QuickBooks

  1. Enter annual budget

  2. Enter deposit totals 

  3. Get approval for bills and pay both online and manually

  4. Enter bills in QuickBooks after ensuring accuracy and tax exemptions

  5. Handle discrepancies and issues with vendors

  6. Arrange signatures for manual checks

  7. Enter semi-monthly payroll disbursements into QuickBooks

  8. Reconcile bank statements each month

  9. Send financial reports to Finance Committee chair and other staff and elders with budgets monthly 


  1. Be familiar with the structure of the church Session and communicate as needed with the elders and the committees they chair

  2. Be aware of church’s connection to the Presbytery of New Covenant